Thermal energy storage using thermo-chemical heat pump
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Title: Thermal energy storage using thermo-chemical heat pump

Authors: MA Hamdan a, , SD Rossides b , R Haj Khalil

Abstract: A theoretical study was performed to investigate the potential of storing thermal energy using a heat pump which is a thermo-chemical storage system consisting of water as sorbet, and sodium chloride as the sorbent. The effect of different parameters namely; the amount of vaporized water from the evaporator, the system initial temperature and the type of salt on the increase in temperature of the salt was investigated and hence on the performance of the thermo chemical heat pump. It was found that the performance of the heat pump improves with the initial system temperature, with the amount of water vaporized and with the water remaining in the system. Finally it was also found that lithium chloride salt has higher effect on the performance of the heat pump that of sodium chloride.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: Energy Conversion and Management - Science Direct

موضوع: مهندسی انرژی

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